The RapidMap Global Group of Companies provide spatial solutions including data collection services, software and hardware to local and state governments and the private industry

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The RapidMap Global Group Of Companies

Delivering mobile systems to manage asset integrity, compliance and risk mitigation.

Iconyx is a recognised leader in mobilising people and information across our client’s organisations to increase productivity, maximise profitability, and ensure they are globally competitive.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience on how to best manage a rapid transition to work environments that support a global, mobile and remote workforce, making the best of their skills and maintaining their identification with the organisation, its culture and goals.

Using advanced mobile and spatial technologies Iconyx is among Australia’s leading providers of IT integrated solutions and services.

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End-to-end GPS based solutions and field mobility provider.

We provide you with the best selection of GPS devices, tablet PCS, PDAs, mapping software and accessories from the world’s leading brands. From professional to recreational use, we have your needs covered. With our 23 years’ of expertise in a wide range of mapping disciplines, you can be sure that you are getting the best advice on the solution that is right for you.

We are passionate about getting you the right tools to solve your problem and always take the time to speak to you about what you need. So many times we have had the satisfaction of seeing our customers take a big step forward in managing their business operations, getting real competitive advantage from the new technology. Thats what its all about!

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Providing spatial solutions and data collection services.

RapidMap Services provides spatial solutions including data collection services, software and hardware to local & state governments and private industry.

We provide GIS and desktop mapping for asset management, pavement management, environmental, market research, sales analysis, farming, demographics and fire management. Data creation and manipulation techniques include digitising from aerial photography, spatial analysis, data cleansing, data analysis and thematic mapping.

RapidMap specialises in GIS data capture, condition and defect inspections of assets including drainage, reserve, facility, sporting, street, signage, lighting, path and traffic infrastructure. Assets and defects are generally mapped to sub-metre accuracy. We populate and update data for corporate GIS and asset management systems.

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